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Is your District School Boards Vision Program interested in having Courage Canada host a skating day for blind children and blind youth? If so, send us an email at:


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Blind Adult Programs

Funding for Recreation

As a part of Courage Canada’s “Funding for recreation” component to our organizations mission, we continue to work in partnership with the Canadian Blind Sports Association to assist with the growth and development of Canadian Blind Hockey Teams. Through public donations and corporate sponsorship, Courage Canada looks to help our current blind hockey teams in the areas of ice-costs, equipment costs and transportation costs. Courage Canada works closely with these teams to help provide these blind adults with a better overall experience a part of their team.

Courage Canada has already started working towards building more adult teams in various regions throughout Canada. We work with provincial blind sports associations and service clubs to reach out to blind adults regarding the opportunity to play organized blind hockey with other blind adults. With the growth of these blind adult teams in Canada, we can only hope that other countries around the world will start to build similar blind adult programs inside their borders, which could subsequently one day trigger the birth of Blind Hockey becoming an official Paralympic Sport.

If your community or city is interested in forming an adult blind hockey team be sure to get in contact with us at Courage Canada so we can help build recreational adult programs in your region.

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