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Is your District School Boards Vision Program interested in having Courage Canada host a skating day for blind children and blind youth? If so, send us an email at:


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Blind Youth Programs

Courage Canada continues to implement Learn to Skate programs for blind youth in regions all across Canada. Our organization works collaboratively with District School Board Vision Programs to provide blind youth with the opportunity to experience ice skating with other blind youth from their community. These skating day field trips take place on a monthly basis and provide these youth with the chance to interact with other youth who share a common, unique situation.

Our programs at Courage Canada aim to teach these blind youth the importance of living a healthy, active life by teaching these youth the basic fundamentals of skating, such as developing their edges, strides, cross overs and more. As part of our skating days, these students also take part in an off-ice leadership workshop where Mark DeMontis and the Courage Canada team will construct monthly workshops to help these youth build character, confidence and leadership abilities, which they will take back with them to apply in their communities.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Courage Canada’s skating programs, click here.

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