The Wonders of the Rockies - Sept 22
I’m almost speechless.

Today was the first time that I could really start to make out the Rocky Mountains off my peripheral and their presence is absolutely incredible. I am now in the thick of Western Canada and I couldn’t be happier; knowing that I’ve come this far, and that I skated to get here, has given me a great sense of accomplishment. I am all the more reassured that I will make it to Vancouver, and that my arrival is not far off.

This morning when I woke up at Willow Rock Campground in Bow River Provincial Park the wind was howling, and in all honesty, I was a little freaked out. Once we got on the road the wind didn’t letup until the early afternoon, however, the freshness of my surroundings, both literally and figuratively, carried me through the day.

Of course, even the best days aren’t without their small trials. About mid way through the afternoon I felt something on the inside of my skate followed by a shooting pain through my ankle. I quickly hopped in the RV to remove my skate and figure out exactly what was up. As I had suspected, a wasp had flown into my skate and stung me right around my ankle bone.

After a quick ice down I was back on the road en route to Canmore, AB, capping off the day at the Three Sisters Mountains. Being out on the freshly paved roads, with the assistance of the Canmore RCMP, and knowing that Banff is just a day away, along with Lake Louise following closely on Friday is a feeling that is unparalleled on this trip.

I’m incredibly focused on the challenging days that are sure to come as I wind through the hilly Rocky Mountain terrain.

The BC border is nearly in my sights as well, as I hope to reach its limits on Sunday.

Also, before I wrap up I must say thank you to Lions Club member and Manager of the Best Western Pocaterra Inn for providing the team and I with accommodations for tonight. It’s always a pleasure to stay at any of the Best Western hotels, especially in such a beautiful setting.

More tomorrow from Banff National Park!

Thu Sep 24 2009 @ 11:49am by Mark DeMontis

The Times They Are A Changing - Sept 21
There were noticeable differences all around me this morning as I took off from the West end of Calgary. Right from the get go I realized that the landscape was quickly and drastically changing. The hills started to increase in number and the declines weren’t so sparse either; as I moved closer towards the Rocky Mountain range I could sense all of the different characteristics that have been described to me, big hills, big trees, and big curves in the road.

It was a bit tough for me to settle in to the change in incline after so many weeks on the flat terrain of the prairies, however, I feel like the shift in landscape is going to help carry me through this next part of the journey. The monotony of the flat lands is now behind me and it seems as though, despite the difficulty, there will be something new and exciting around each bend in the road.

One more noticeable change has come in the weather; fall is fast approaching, if not already upon us. The air in the mountains is crisp and cool, and the winds are picking up once again as the leaves have started to fall around me. The freshness is so abundant and for the first time on this trip I feel as though I am actually getting closer to Vancouver.

Even tough we’re still about 25 days away, I can honestly say that I feel like the end is in sight. As the sun began to set over the peaks of the Rocky Mountains this evening while we drove towards the Bow River Provincial Park, the guys described the scene to me:

The sky was painted with an orange, yellow, and pink hue, as the rays of light cut through the jagged mountain tips; the majesty of the area surpassed any description or photograph. Being here is an indescribable feeling and I can only imagine what’s to come over the next few days as I hit Banff on Wednesday, and then the infamous Lake Louise on Friday.

As we pulled in to the Willow Rock Campground in Bow River Provincial Park we crossed a warning sign that read: “You are in bear country.” As the guys read the rest of the sign out loud to me all I could do to contain my inner fear was say, “Oh no, here we go again.”

We’re back to the provincial parks, back to the mountains and the trees, back to the windy roads and police escorts...we’re back in business. This is crunch time. This is the beginning of the end.

This is going to be a blast!

Canmore, AB tomorrow evening.

Tue Sep 22 2009 @ 12:55pm by Mark DeMontis

Sights, Sounds, and Smells from Calgary, AB - Sept 20
Today was the day I would skate through the city of Calgary and I woke up on the right side of the bed in order to make it happen. It was a long day, filled with interviews, photo ops, and lots of varied terrain, however, at the end of the day, I am happy to say that starting tomorrow Calgary will be to the east of me.

My day began with a solid set of kilometers as I approached the city limits with several interviews in between. I caught up with the Calgary Herald (newspaper), The Calgary Sun (newspaper), 24-HR News (newspaper), Shaw TV, and Sun Country Radio 99.7FM, just to name a few.

Once I hit the eastern extremities of the city I was joined up by the Calgary Police Service to be escorted through the city. It was a great feeling to be accompanied by the cops once again, as I completed the lengthy 25KM stretch through the city without any breaks. It was a very tiring skate and once I was finished my body was very down and I was completely exhausted.

While I was out on the road, however, the feeling that I had, knowing that this was the last major city that I would skate through before Vancouver gave me all the energy and drive that I needed to push myself through the afternoon.

Skating through the big city to a constant echo of honking horns and clapping hands felt really fantastic. The volume of traffic around me and my ability to see taxi cabs once again out of my peripheral gave me that ‘real’ city feel that I tend to miss. It really seemed as though the buzz had started to take off as well; I had several people tell me that they had heard my interview already on the radio and plenty of people wished me “good luck” from their car windows. The most important thing about passing through any major city lies in creating that buzz and spreading the message about Courage Canada, and I think that we really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Given the extended history of sports in Calgary, it was really cool for me to pass by places such as the Canadian Olympic Park, and The University of Calgary (home of the Olympic oval and the ice sports complex during the 1988 Olympic Winter Games).

One other thing that was great about skating through Calgary, and terribly taunting at the same time, was the continuous waves of smell that ticked my nose this afternoon. The plethora of delicious smells that wafted through the streets, from barbecued Alberta beef, to Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine, to Subway, garlic shrimp, and steakhouses; these tantalizing aromas didn’t help the fact that I was growing hungrier by the minute as I neared the western edge of the city.

Thankfully, as soon as I unlaced my skates around 7:15PM I knew that I had a great meal awaiting me at the Boston Pizza Dalhousie!

We were joined at the Boston Pizza Dalhousie by some of our friends in the Calgary area, including PJ’s old friend Sean who we’ve all gotten to know quite well over the past week, as well as PJ’s cousin Steve and his girlfriend Marz, and our new friend Riza who we met at the Lions Club dinner on Friday evening. We all had an excellent time chatting over a great meal and obviously enjoying each other’s company.

As I have mentioned many times before, the Boston Pizza’s across Canada have been overwhelmingly supportive throughout this campaign and I need to extend a special thanks to Sarah Maynes, Assistant General Manager, from the Boston Pizza Dalhousie for welcoming us tonight and for all of her efforts to continue to support Courage Canada throughout the Quest. Through Sarah’s efforts, the Boston Pizza Dalhousie have agreed to promote and raise funds for the campaign throughout the duration of the journey in mid October. Providing each table with an information sheet about The Quest to the West and my personal story before they are seated, and asking for donations on our behalf, I’m confident that this will be an incredibly successful initiative to leverage a great deal of funds and awareness for Courage Canada.

With that being said, one more huge Courage Canada “thank you” to Sarah, as well as our fantastic server Marina for such a great evening!

I’m now just a couple of days from Banff, AB. Everyone’s been talking non-stop about the incredible beauty of this are and I’m really anxious to take it all in for myself. The guys can see the Rocky Mountains off in the distance as we skate along and I’m trying to psych myself up as much as I can in order to complete this next challenging stretch of my journey.

Prepare for some really beautiful pictures, and many more great stories from the Rocky’s!

Mon Sep 21 2009 @ 10:34pm by Mark DeMontis

Closer to Calgary - Sept 19
I continued to push myself towards Calgary, AB, today through some more high winds and increasingly hilly terrain. Calgary represents the final major city that I will hit before my arrival in Vancouver in mid October.

Over the past week I have gotten a real feel for what Calgary has to offer; Calgary is a hockey loving city with a multitude of friendly people, a beautiful metropolis with great places to dine and shop, and a city which makes me feel almost like I am back home in Toronto.

My excitement to skate through Calgary has been growing with each day, and with each small visit. Knowing that I am now just one day away from conquering my second to last major city, and to be embarking on another new episode of my journey, the rocky mountains, has put me in a very comfortable mental space.

I’ve got lots of appointments with the Calgary media tomorrow as well. To have received such overwhelming support already from organizations such as the Lions Clubs of Calgary, and the Calgary Flames and to know that I’ve got so much more coming is a genuinely great feeling. As I await interviews with radio stations, newspapers, and television networks, I know that my skate through Calgary is going to be all the more memorable because of their interest in me and my story.

Also, after the day is done, I am sincerely looking forward to the reception that is awaiting me at the Boston Pizza Dalhousie.

Once again, I encourage everyone reading around the Calgary area to come out to Boston Pizza Dalhousie (703-5005 Dalhousie Dr. NW, T3A 5R8) @ 7:30PM to meet and have dinner with the team and I.

The best part about this journey, whether I’m passing through a small town or a major city, is meeting members of the community and sharing my story with them first hand, so, please come out and spend the evening with me and my friends at the Boston Pizza!

See you all in Calgary!

Sun Sep 20 2009 @ 2:37pm by Mark DeMontis

Making New Friends Never Gets Old - Sept 18
I think that the past bunch of good days have really caught up with me.

It took a considerable amount of effort to pull myself out of bed this morning, as each of my limbs felt like they were tied down to the floor. The hardest part of each day for me is gaining the mental strength to get out of bed and lace up my skates, however, when the physical factors are against me it makes this process all the more tasking.

After my 8:00AM alarm went off I decided that I could really benefit from a couple more hours of rest in order to get my energy levels back up to par, and to prepare myself for the days skate.

Once I finally got on the road my body was still feeling really down as I struggled to move my weighty extremities. Each stride was more arduous then the last, and after only about an hour on the road I made the decision to take my lunch break in the hopes of rejuvenating myself for the afternoon.

As I have mentioned many times before, each day is full of its own little challenges. Unfortunately for us, my tired body was not the only obstacle we faced today.

While we were grabbing some groceries in Bassano, AB in the early afternoon we noticed that we had a flat tire on the right side of the RV. After taking a closer look, Cam discovered a large nail stuck into the tire which couldn’t have been there for more than an hour. After a great deal of patience, and a very helpful tire shop in town (S&B Tire Shop), we were rolling safely again in no time.

Once I got back on the road I was feeling in far better form. The pavement was fresh, my legs were limber, and I got a solid amount of skating done before we had to drive in to Calgary to meet with the Wild Rose Lions Club for dinner.

The evening continued to pick up after seeing a familiar face out on the road on the drive in to Calgary. About 40KM from the city our good friend Glen from the Piapot Saloon drove up beside the RV on his new Harley. With big smiles all around, we made a quick stop at a gas station just ahead to see where he was heading.

It turns out that Glen was not only heading in to Calgary for the evening, just like us, but he was also staying at a friends house on the exact same street as we were!

We made some plans to meet up later on in the evening and continued on to meet with the Lions for what turned out to be a truly excellent time.

Lion Lee Ellis of the Southwest Calgary Lions put on this event, however, it was the supreme presence of the Wild Rose Lions that filled the reception hall. The team and I were so warmly received by the dozens and dozens of Lions Club members in attendance. We ate a fantastic meal and casually chatted with everyone for a while. After dinner I got the opportunity to share my story along with everyone there, and got to meet more personally with the various members as well.

It seems as though with each Lions Club the guys and I meet with, their support continues to grow. I have said it before, but, it really can’t be said enough - the Lions Clubs of Canada are in a league of their own when it comes to helping those in need. Whether it’s organizations such as Courage Canada, advocating for women’s rights, facilitating community programs for seniors (just a few first hand examples from this evening), the Lions Clubs go above and beyond when it comes to giving back to the communities that they are a part of. I feel truly blessed to have the Lions Clubs on my side.

After the fantastic evening with the Lions the guys and I headed over to PJ’s friend Sean’s place where we would be spending the night to hang out with him and our buddy Glen. We had a really great time spending the remainder of the evening with our new friends who we’ve become so close to. It continues to amaze me each and every day, just how the world works. That one day someone can be a complete stranger to you, and the next, they are like one of your oldest friends.

Thanks once again to all of the Lions of Calgary who came out to support me in my journey, and Courage Canada; you guys are my newest set of friends for today.

One last note about friends of Courage Canada: The Boston Pizza Dalhousie in Calgary will be hosting the team on Sunday night, Sept 20 @ 7:30, and I’d really love all of you to be there!

Calgary is coming soon!

Sat Sep 19 2009 @ 5:49pm by Mark DeMontis

Learning From Those Around You - Sept 17
The stream of productive days continued as I took off from Brooks, AB, this morning with more sunny skies above me. I had a good breakfast over at the Heritage Inn and Suites, allowing me to get well energized for the day that lay ahead.

The morning skate went very smoothly aside from running into a bit of rain in the early afternoon hours, coupled with some thunder and lightning which drove us off the road for a short period of time. It was strange to come across the rain after so much time without seeing it. I’m certainly not harping on the fact that the rain has stayed away, however, I’ve felt like there has been an unnerving void over the past couple weeks of beautiful weather.

The rain did, in fact, help to cool off the air a little bit which made for a nice afternoon, although I ended up having to call it a day just a few kilometers shy of my goal due to a stomach ache. Without really thinking about it, and because we had run very low on groceries, I ate a cheese sandwich just before resuming for the second half of the afternoon, which lead to a few problems.

I have begun to try to follow a slightly altered diet that was suggested to me by my mentor Chris Delaney (fellow cross Canada campaigner). After hearing about my tendency to make sandwiches with meat and cheese to fuel myself throughout the day he suggested that I try a lighter, yet more filling and energizing alternative, peanut butter.

While cheese is packed with protein and calcium, necessary ingredients in the rebuilding of muscle tissues and the maintenance of strong bones, the high levels of saturated fats and the fact that cheese has been cited to stimulate the flow of saliva (increasing dehydration) makes it a type of food which is better suited for post workout consumption. Peanut butter, on the other hand, also contains protein (helping me rebuild fragile muscle tissues), as well as naturally occurring fats and oils (monounsaturated fats and resveratol, and antioxidant p-coumaric acid) which all aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, as well as essential vitamins (B3, E, Magnesium, Folate, and Dietary Fiber). Perhaps most importantly, peanut butter contains sugar to give me an added boost of energy before I get back out on the road.

Since I started eating peanut butter on my beaks I have felt a noticeable increase in my energy out on the road; I’m fortunate to have the guidance of someone like Chris, who understands the benefits of proper nutrition (being a experienced body builder) as well as the intricacies of undertaking this type of venture.

I finished up the day just short of Bassano, AB, a small town that seems to have some very nice people. Prior to our arrival, Jason got on the phone with a lady named Stephanie who worked at the town hall to inquire about camping in town. While Darcy, the operations manager for the Bassano Homecoming Trailer Park was out of the office for the afternoon, after hearing about the campaign she assured us that our stay at the park would be free of charge. Stephanie even came by our campsite to say hi to the guys and I after we got in to town and brought us some thoughtful gifts, including a Bassano t-shirt and some town pins.

Just after dinner, as PJ and Cam were outside playing some haki sack (a favourite pastime for the guys) we got even more of a taste of the friendly atmosphere in Bassano. The guys were approached by two groups of fellow campers, a mother and her daughter (Helene and Rita) who were out walking their dog, and a gentleman named Ken who was parked beside us in his motor home. Helene and Rita were both cancer survivors and Rita had heard about the campaign and wanted to see if it was actually us who were around. We got into a really great conversation and they were very supportive about what I was doing.

For Ken, the Quest really hit home, as he struggles with macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a medical condition that deteriorates ones vision in the centre of their visual field, and Ken is driving his motor home around Canada visiting family members before he is no longer able to see enough to drive. In many ways, Ken, like myself, is a great example of perseverance through life’s obstacles (specifically loss of sight), and Helene and Rita also fall into this category of enduring the hardships in life.

It was really great to meet these individuals, and to get the opportunity to hear their stories as well as to share mine.

The end of the evening put me in a great mood for tomorrows skate, and got me looking forward to hearing some more interesting stories as I sit down for dinner with some Lions Clubs in Calgary tomorrow evening.

Just a few more days until I officially skate through Calgary.

Fri Sep 18 2009 @ 7:15pm by Mark DeMontis

With The Wind At My Back - Sept 16
Last night was a great overall experience at the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, AB. It was a real rush for me to catch my first NHL game outside of Toronto in such a hockey crazy city, and being there as Matt Pelech’s guest made it that much better.

It was great to watch Pelech get out on the ice again, especially since this was actually in a game setting.The atmosphere in the arena, even though it was only a preseason game was completely electric; it really was a “C of Red” as they say. As much as I am a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan I was thoroughly impressed with the passion that surrounded me at the game.

Unfortunately, the Flames didn’t come out on top, losing to the Edmonton Oilers by a score of 4-1. Nevertheless, the night was excellent and I’m so happy that Pelech invited the guys and I to come out to the game. We really did have a blast!

Getting to catch up with Pelech after the game in the friends and family zone and meeting some of the other players as well definitely added to the great night. Everyone was really genuine and interested to hear about Courage Canada and the campaign; everything seemed to fall into place really well.

I carried the great evening out on to the road with me today as I reached my goal of 50KM, en route to Brooks, AB. Interestingly enough, the wind was at my back and the sun was out; this was an unprecedented occurrence on this trip, but one that I could definitely get used to!

Upon our arrival in Brooks the boys and I headed over to the Heritage Inn and Suites for a complimentary stay that was arranged by my good friend from the Weston Lions Club, Barb. The rooms are fantastic and all of us are looking forward to catching up on a good nights sleep.

I’ll be back on the road tomorrow to push myself closer to Calgary, one stride at a time.

Thu Sep 17 2009 @ 3:53pm by Mark DeMontis

An Unexpected Invite - Sept 15
Today was a great day on the skates and I got a very solid amount of kilometers done in a short period of time as a result of an unexpected change in plans for this evening.

I was lucky to take my lunch break when I did because I received a phone call from my friend Matt Pelech inviting the guys and I out to the Calgary Flames game tonight. This evening is the first preseason game for the Flames, and what better way to kick things off then watching them from VIP seating against their arch rivals, the Edmonton Oilers!

This bit of news made the skate this afternoon feel like a breeze. I was like a little kid out there as my excitement kept on growing and growing.

I’m so pumped to see Pelech out on the ice tonight, and to get a chance to experience my first NHL game outside of Toronto.

I just wanted to get on the horn as quickly as possible to share the news with all of you.

Keep checking my Twitter page (Courage Canada) to stay completely current with all of the happenings of this evenings game. I can’t wait to share the rest of my night with you all tomorrow.

Pengrowth Saddledome here we come! Let the battle of Alberta, and a brand new NHL season begin!

Tue Sep 15 2009 @ 7:16pm by Mark DeMontis

Bumpy Roads, Built-Up Spirits - Sept 14
Today was my first day actually skating in Alberta, and although some of the roads were a bit rough, I’ve got a great feeling about this province.

In hindsight, I guess describing some of the road conditions as “a bit rough” is quite an understatement. Much of the shoulder was in fact unskateable and we were forced to use the far right side of the lane for most of the day. When the shoulders weren’t gravel, they seemed to appear as if someone had put down a large amount of glue and then poured a bump truck’s worth of pebbled and rocks on top of it. There were also some very narrow stretches of shoulder where I would be pinned in-between the gravel and one of these rock-laden strips of road.

Nevertheless, as I have learned throughout this trip, western Canada is going to have its little challenges just like the rest of the provinces so far. Yet, when times get difficult I know that it’s patience that’s going to get me through these small trials.

I had a couple of goals that I wanted to accomplish out on the road today, one was breaking in my new pair of Reebok 9K inline skates and the other was to ensure my arrival in Medicine Hat, AB. I’m trying to work on setting more goals for myself on this section of the trip to help keep me motivated, and I am happy to say that I successfully completed each of these today. Cam set up my skates this morning was a fresh set of wheels and my white wax laces and it really felt great to be on a new, comfortable, pair of skates as I rolled into Medicine Hat.

The team and I were fortunate to continue our excellent streak of complimentary hotel accommodations with a great stay at the Medicine Hat Lodge. This was a really beautiful hotel with an indoor water park, casino, restaurant, and spa, and I was nice to kick back over there as the guys and I approached our one month mark until the end of the trip.

A couple members of the Medicine Hat Lions Club also came to greet us at the hotel to chat about the campaign and present me with a pin from their local Lions Club for my Lions vest. It was nice to see some smiling faces around the area, and these gentleman helped me start to feel really welcomed by those around Alberta.

Tomorrow is a brand new day with brand new experiences to come. Let’s see what happens around the next curve in the road.

Tue Sep 15 2009 @ 4:13pm by Mark DeMontis

Weekend in Calgary - Sept 11-13
After arriving at the Alberta border at around 5:00PM on Friday (Sept 11) the team and I drove in to Calgary for our scheduled 48-hr break. I was especially looking forward to this weekend and seeing my family and some friends that I’ve been missing a lot.

I had an amazing weekend overall hanging out with my mom, my brother Lucas, and my friends Paolo, Lauren, and Lee Ann. One of my best buddies Jason even flew in and surprised me with a visit, which was totally unexpected! I also got a lot of chances to catch up with a good friend of mine who was drafted by the Calgary Flames, Matt Pelech.

Some of the boys also got to spend time with their own friends who live in the Calgary area and I was happy to see that they were all having as much of a great time as I was. Jason got to see two of his oldest friends Alan and Emma, who just started a masters program at The University of Calgary and PJ got to see one of his friends from high school, Sean.

After a relaxing night with my mom and my friends on Friday at the Best Western Port O’ Call Hotel I enjoyed a great day in beautiful downtown Calgary with everyone on Saturday (Sept 12). The Best Western Port O’ Call Hotel was generous enough to provided the team and I with complimentary accommodations for the weekend, giving us a great place to rest our heads and unwind at the end of our busy days.

I did some shopping and some sightseeing around downtown Calgary in the afternoon and got a great chance to take in the city. Once again, it was really comforting to be back in a big city, with skyscrapers and a vibrant atmosphere, it always makes me feel a bit like I’m back home in Toronto.

Saturday night was spent at the Roadhouse, a local bar which was swarming with people and full of life. The team and I, along with all of our friends, had a fantastic night letting loose a bit and getting a good sense of the more lively side of Calgary.

Despite a late night out on the town I was up and ready to go early Sunday morning (Sept 13) as I had a unique opportunity to take part in the first practice at the Calgary Flames preseason camp. The whole crew and I headed over to the Pengrowth Saddledome to watch the Flames in action at their 10:15AM and 12:30PM practices. It was awesome to be back in a NHL hockey arena especially since I got to see my good friend, defenseman Matt Pelech, take the ice.

Also, today was the first practice for the Flames newest acquisition, veteran Canadian defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, as well as returning Calgary Flame, Theoren Fleury who hit the NHL ice again for the first time in over 5 years.

During the break between the first and second practice I was honoured to be presented with a team signed Calgary Flames jersey by Matt. I also got to take part in the press conferences, meeting top ranked players such as Jerome Iginla, Dion Phaneuf, Jay Bouwmeester, Nigel Dawes, Miikka Kipursoff, and Theoren Fleury. Being a former media student it was really interesting for me to get a first hand look at how the media interact with all of the players; the intensity that engulfs everyone in the press room is really something that can only be understood by being there.

Overall, I had such an amazing experience at the Saddledome, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in Calgary that day!

As much as the Calgary Flames has extended so much of their support towards Courage Canada and myself, I would like to send my support to the whole Flames franchise for a successful upcoming season.

At the end of it all, it was definitely a bit tough to say goodbye to everyone who came to town to visit, but at the same time I know that I will be seeing them again soon in Vancouver. I especially want my mom to know how great it was to spend time with her this weekend after not having seen her since I left Toronto about 2 and a half months ago.

Since I hit Alberta and western Canada I have gained a new perspective and a new sense of motivation on this campaign. The reality is, from this point forward, being in western Canada, I am now into the final stretches of my Quest with only about a month to go. There are going to be some very interesting and exciting experiences coming my way over the next little while and I can’t wait to embrace each one of them as they happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how far I have come so far and what I still have left to accomplish and I am more determined than ever to reach my goal.

I will start my skate tomorrow from the Alberta border with a whole new province ahead of me. Judging by the way this province has started out I’m sure it’s going to be a beauty!

Tue Sep 15 2009 @ 4:05pm by Mark DeMontis

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