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Is your District School Boards Vision Program interested in having Courage Canada host a skating day for blind children and blind youth? If so, send us an email at:


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Hosting Skating Days

If your know anyone who works in a District School Board and/or Vision program who you think would be interested in Courage Canada hosting a Skating Day please contact Cameron Williams at cameronwilliams@couragecanada.ca

All across Canada there are many District School Boards that have a Vision Program. These programs work together with all blind and visually-impaired students in that specific region. These programs provide these students with a Vision Teacher and Orientation and Mobility instructor.

Courage Canada hosts skating days by working collaboratively with District Vision Programs, Vision teachers, Service Clubs, the Canadian Blind Sports Association and corporate sponsors to provide these students with the best possible experience both on and off the ice.

Our goal with Courage Canada is to implement skating days in regions all across Canada. We would like to set up skating days in each region once a month for five months from October to March. Mrk DeMontis and the Courage Canada Team will travel inside these communities to work side by side with these Vision programs to help organize and demonstrate these learn to skate programs and off-ice leadership workshops.

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