Canadians ready to boot out Liberals from power, over economic issues

Canadians have been pushing for change in their government for some time now, and this is particularly true when it comes to the handling of the country’s economy. With almost a decade of Liberal rule, it seems the tide may be turning and citizens demanding a new approach to reclaim their economic future. All signs are pointing to the promise of a new mandate for the Canadian government as Canadians look to the future with open eyes.

The Liberal government has been accused of not living up to the expectations they held so highly during the 2015 election campaign. Many citizens feel that the party’s promises, such as the reduction of the unemployment rate and the improvement of public services, have not been visible or successful over the last few years.

The public’s discontent with current policies won’t stop here though, as negative opinion towards the Liberals only grows stronger when it comes to economic issues. There are what feels like never-ending record-high deficits and debt and no plans in sight on how to stabilize the national budget. Even worse, an increasing number of Canadians experience high taxes and are feeling the pinch. To put it into perspective, Canadians are paying 35% of their incomes in taxes.

The inability of the Liberal government to plan and implement economic policies designed to help Canadians is clearly at odds with their good intentions and their honesty. This is only but one of the economic issues ledging Canadians down.

The matter is amplified further when it comes to individual citizens taking advantage of fiscal assistance and financial aid. Citizens are forced to endure a lengthy and complicated process to obtain help and often actively avoid doing so due to how laborious and confusing it is. Very little is being done to alleviate or reduce this unnecessary barrier thus, leading to an even more difficult time for citizens.

The most recent data proves this as 92% of Canadians feel as if a new approach is necessary to reinvigorate Canada’s economy. Canadians across generations have lamented the lack of economic growth in recent years, and it is not unfounded. On top of the decreased emission reduction signature, Canadians are starting to doubt the government’s ability in rolling out what’s needed in strategies related to trade to avoiding foreign exchange rates.

With Canadians angered over the losses they faced due to such economic issues, it is no surprise that we are seeing many Protestants campaigns popping up all around the country, anticipating elections this fall. As the Conservatives and NDP are gaining more and more support, higher is the chance the Liberals will lose their majority and whatever support they have now.

In the general population there is a clear mistrust for the current political measures. Even when the Liberal government conducted an emergency $10-billion injection directly to people as a result of the pandemic, it is too early to tell whether Canadians experienced a positive outcome or not due to those measures.

Given the decrease in confidence in the current government and how inefficient they have failed to address economic issues, it is finally time for Canadians to begin entirely switching over to another party’s leadership in regards to finances. Such parties appear to offer a better alternative, as evidenced by policy statements regarding fiscal responsibility and tax relief for Canadians.

All in all, it is slowly becoming the norm in Canada that the incoming government will have to look towards better, comprehensive approaches on significantly tackling economic issues. This requires a plan, and it must put focus on economic development, job creation, trade regulations and finance welfare.

Canada’s fast-approaching electoral cycle unites Canadians in their economic misfortunes and rectifying the bureaucratic mess of the past few years. It is in their vote, that Canadians can shift away from the Liberal party’s control of their economic future and redirect it towards a more viable economic policy. As the phrase goes, they can “kick the Liberals out” of power over economic issues.

Citizens will hopefully soon see a major change in the way the economy is handled in Canada, and an improvement in the state of financial service for themselves. It is not impossible to contain the budget as the resources are there. It is up to the people’s choice of the next government to determine how our fiscal management will look. Canada is at a critical juncture and not all is lost, as options remain for Canadians to take control of their future economic outcomes.

Individually, the upcoming poll serves as the chance to select a party that will build the country’s financial welfare. After all, economic stability is a significant component of the nation’s appointee, and Canadians across the districts need to be vocal to generate higher efficiency from those in control of decision-making, rather than continuous doubts and disappointing news associated with the Liberal’s economic agenda. Now more than ever, it looks like Canadians are ready to boot-out the Liberals from power in order to secure their future.